1. Clean and decorate your house.
Give your house a complete cleaning to get rid of the old things and also decorate your home with some red couplets by the door or even add plants to symbolize growth.


2. Display oranges, tangerines and candies. 
Oranges and tangerines symbolize abundant happiness and a candy tray with eight varieties of dried sweet fruit to start the new year sweetly. Enjoy Sweet food, it will bring a sweeter year ahead. 


3. Red envelope season
It is the ‘ang pao’ season. ‘Ang pao’ is red envelope in Hokkien dialect. Red envelope is the most popular way to share blessings among all though it is a more direct gift. As a tradition, married adults give ‘ang pao’ to children and the amount depends on the relationship and age of the recipient.

4. Family reunion
Celebrate it together! Family reunion is held on New Year’s Eve where every family members gather around to celebrate this festive together. It is also the time to wish everyone ‘XinNian KuaiLe’ which is translated to Happy Chinese New Year.

5.  Wear RED! and what are the lucky numbers?
The color red simply signifies happiness and good luck. To welcome a new year of good luck, wear red and not to forget to get your giftbasket in red too!.   6,8 and 9 are the auspicious numbers.  

6. Firecrackers
This year, welcome the year of Rooster with firecrackers. Shooting firecrackers was one of the way to drive away the evil and obtain good luck for the year. 


CNY Don’ts

1. Do NOT sweep the floor
Using the broom is not allowed during Chinese New Year as it is a tradition that believe if you sweep the floor, you will sweep your good luck away.

2. No washing and cutting hair
No washing and cutting hair is allowed during CNY. It is a widely held view that washing your hair will wash away good luck and cutting your hair will cut away fortune.

3. Keep away from white and black 
Wearing and gifting in white and black need to be avoided. These 2 colors are the colors of mourning, also representing death.

4. Avoid the number ‘4′
Everything with the number ‘4’ is best avoided as it sounds like ‘si’ which is death in chinese. 

5. Do not give sharp object. 
Giving someone sharp objects such as knives and scissors indicates that it might cut off your relationship with that person or you wish to cut-off relationship with that person. 


6. Avoid borrowing money
We believe that if someone borrows money during Chinese New Year, he will be in debt whole year round. It’s best to clear all your debts before Chinese New Year too.