New Pricing for IKEA Home Delivery Service – More Affordable & Flexible

New IKEA Home Delivery Pricing for IKEA Damansara, Cheras and Tebrau

Great news for IKEA lovers! After launching their new IKEA outlet in Tebrau, IKEA has changed their IKEA Home Delivery rates effective from 13th Nov 2017 onwards. There will be separate delivery rates for:

  • IKEA Cheras and Damansara
  • IKEA Tebrau

Delivery From IKEA Cheras and IKEA Damansara (Before 13th Nov 2017 Onwards)

In the past few years, IKEA Home Delivery Service was having the standard delivery rates from both IKEA Cheras and Damansara, based on delivery locations and a total weight of the IKEA items purchased. Customers are required to take the whole truck (1 tonne or 3 tonnes) even if they only purchased few items. It was a flat rate of RM80 delivery fee for Klang Valley residents, and up to RM1400 for 1-tonne lorry for delivery to Kelantan and Terengganu.

IKEA Home Delivery Rate from IKEA Cheras and IKEA Damansara (Before 13th Nov 2017)
Old Pricing for IKEA Home Delivery from IKEA Damansara & IKEA Cheras

Delivery From IKEA Cheras and IKEA Damansara (From 13th Nov 2017 Onwards)

With the new delivery rates, customers can enjoy more affordable rate if they shop and deliver from IKEA Cheras and Damansara outlets. The rates are divided into 4 zones:

  • Zone A – Selected areas in KL, Putrajaya and Selangor (approx. 50km distance from IKEA outlets)
  • Zone B – Selected areas in Selangor, Perak, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan (approx. 100km distance from IKEA outlets)
  • Zone C – Selected areas in Perak, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor (approx. 150km distance from IKEA outlets)
  • Outstation Zones: RM250 – RM465 per 2 cubic metre (based on states)

Refer to the table below for the delivery fee of different delivery locations:

IKEA Home Delivery Price from IKEA Cheras and IKEA Damansara
New Pricing for IKEA Home Delivery from IKEA Damansara & IKEA Cheras

The new rates for IKEA Home Delivery service are definitely more affordable. Customers that stay within the 150km radius from IKEA Cheras and Damansara outlets can enjoy the flat rate per order and those who stay in outstation zones just need to pay for the delivery fee of every 2 cubic metre of IKEA goods purchased, thus reduce the delivery fee tremendously.

Delivery From IKEA Tebrau (From 13th Nov 2017 Onwards)

As for customers who shop at IKEA Tebrau, the new IKEA Home Delivery rates are shown in the table below: 

IKEA Home Delivery Rate from IKEA Tebrau (After 13 Nov 2017)
New Pricing for IKEA Home Delivery Service from IKEA Tebrau

Customers who stay within the radius of 50km from IKEA Tebrau get to enjoy the RM80 flat delivery rate per order as well, similar to the Klang Valley residents. 

Other Services (From 13th Nov 2017 Onwards)

Aside from delivering IKEA items to your doorstep, there are other services provided as well. The rates for other services are the same for all 3 IKEA outlets. 

As usual, assembly fee is chargeable at 10% of the IKEA item cost. 

IKEA Home Delivery (Assembly Fee, Call Out Charges and Other Fees)
New Pricing for Other Services (Click image to zoom)

We’ve built a simple tool for you check the new pricing of IKEA Home Delivery for your location. Just enter your delivery postcode to get the quote. (Disclaimer: Use at own discretion as IKEA might amend their delivery rates anytime. Updated on 6 Dec 2017. )

Alternative Way to Shop and Deliver IKEA Items:

Since IKEA Malaysia doesn’t have e-store online shopping yet, customers are still required to visit the IKEA outlets personally to pick, pay and arrange for delivery to their home. Alternatively, Helpr does provide personal shopping and delivery for IKEA items to any location in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore too.

Malaysia Brunei Singapore Map

Helpr is able to help you to shop for IKEA items for a nominal service fee, and customers can choose their preferred delivery methods via sea, land or air. 

IKEA Home Delivery Service

JustLorry Consolidated Delivery

Sea Freight

4X4 (Four-Wheel Drive) By TheLorry

Express Courier (GDEX, KTMD, POS Laju)

For those who are not staying in Klang Valley, it makes sense to engage with personal shopping and delivery service to get their IKEA items, considering the hassle to travel and the long queue and the busy crowd they have to deal with.

long queue in ikea damansara

Here’s a short video to guide you on how to order IKEA online easily with just a few clicks: 

Learn more about our personal shopping and delivery services or try out our IKEA Self-Checkout Portal where you can place your order anytime 24/7:

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